Planning a stockshoot...

I can still remember that very first time I had an official "stockshoot". It must have been close to 6 years ago and I had just discovered the existence of microstock. I seriously did not have a clue what stockphotography was at the time, so I got a model in my living room and we set about taking some 'shots'. It was just mainly portraits and while some of them are still online I don't think they ever sold much. But it was quick and easy and a learning process all the same. I did not have any studio lights, I used a white linen sheet hung up in the living room as my white background and the light coming in from the window as lighting material. To be quite honest; I don't even know how I got any decent shots out of those early shoots!

Now we are almost 6 years further and photography is no longer a hobby (well, it still is, but it's also my profession) Three years ago I took the plunge and quit my regular job, to become a full time photographer. It's not only stock that I do, but I would have been a lot less happy if I did not have the income from stock to back me up when I need it. These days planning a stockshoot is an entirely different matter all together.

It involves careful planning, scouting of locations, hiring one or more models, getting a makeup artist and thinking about the concept that I want to shoot... I can sometimes long for the early days, when things were just so simple!

although I definitely prefer the results of the current shoots much better!! Take a look at a fairly similar shoot in the beginning and how it looks today... :)

I sure know which one I prefer!

Photo credits: Simone Van Den Berg.

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October 07, 2010


Thanks for sharing your development as a stock photographer with us, it's very inspiring!

October 06, 2010


Great to see that progress in a blog!
I love your latest series of the pregnant woman, great shots!
If you just keep to the fun of it, your shots will continue to show that.
It was very nice to have met you!

October 06, 2010


Congratulations... I guess many of us would love to quit our regular jobs to become full time photographers....

October 06, 2010


That´s a great achievement, Simone! "Cooking together" was the photo you shoot at the beginning! :) It looks great, but of course, " Chef styling an amuse" is a little bit better. Congratulations!

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