Planning to Launch An Online Portfolio? Here’s How to Make People Trust Your Site

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When you make the decision to create a site for professional goals, you should commit entirely to that goal. It’s not enough to just go live, upload some stuff, and wait for clients to jump in. The way your site looks speaks a lot about yourself and about the services you provide.

So how to build trust with your portfolio website?

Unique domain name

When you’re browsing online and stumble upon these two domains - and - which one would you choose for a service or partnership? A domain without a third-party company in it looks professional, while the other one won’t ever be taken seriously when it comes to business.

Domain name web business internet concept url

Quality, responsive design

You know that responsive design means to make the site mobile-friendly, so it can fit all screen sizes and display correctly on any device.

But what does quality refer to? It means to stick with the current design trends and not build a site that looks like a 2000s one. A site with a Windows 98-like appearance and functionality will make them leave instantly. You should invest a lot in your site’s design if you want people to give you a shot in the first place.

And besides making it look appealing, make sure the interface is easy to use and intuitive. Here you can include the site architecture, intuitive content blocks on pages, simple menus, smooth scrolling, and fast loading times (you don’t want a site that barely loads). Try to make everything modern and add appealing features and effects.

Informative contact page

If a portfolio site doesn’t have a contact page with a bio and a contact form, you’re missing out. Before getting impressed by the projects in your portfolio, people first want to know the person behind them. They want to know who you are, what’s your story, and what does your professional background look like. Humanized content attracts very much.

Apart from the bio and the contact form, you should also add your social profiles.

Blog section

Of course, your site is about showcasing your design projects in a portfolio so clients can have a proof of your professional skills. But a blog helps you in terms of SEO, products promotion, and offering short pieces of advice to your readers.

Having a blog will create a user base around your site, people will come and engage with your content, and they will eventually turn into constant visitors. A blog is an open door to your portfolio promotion.

Non-intrusive ads

Adblock web popup banner concept. isolated vector

It’s okay to have ads on your site, but don’t exaggerate. If the user tries to read something but ads and pop-ups keep showing up with each move people make or with each page people visit, it’s not okay. The advertising must be subtle and must fit your site’s design and content. Also, make sure the ads are relevant to your target audience.

Anyway, if people spend more time on your site closing ads than reading the information they need, you should reconsider.

Photo credits: Bakhtiar Zein, Guruxox, Thirapol Boonpok.

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