Plans for the Future

Lately I have been doing a lot thinking of what do I truly want to do in the future. Photography has been a hobby that I earn a little money here and there through Dreamstime but do I want to make Photography a full time job or just keep it as my hobby which I greatly enjoy. I have also been contemplating for a few years now do I want to go for a degree in Zoology. Either decision I was planning on going back to college for.

After doing a lot of thinking and talking things over with my husband I have decided to go the route of going back to college for a degree in Zoology. I will not be starting school until January so lately I will be refreshing myself on Math, English and Science since it has been over 10 years since my last college course I ever took. I am completely nervous about going back to school.

I chose Zoology over Photography because I have a natural connection with animals and I am happiest when I am with animals. Plus I want to help them in any way that I can. I know zoology is going to be a hard subject to tackle but I know I can do it. I already love learning any thing I can about animals especially mammals. Photography I will still keep as my hobby that I make money here and there on but I do not want to make it a job because photography is relaxing to me.

When I am not taking photographs or reviewing what photographs I am going to upload to Dreamstime I am studying studying studying. Now that I took a quick break from studying to write this blog it is time for me to get back to it. :)

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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Thanks everyone :) I agree with photography and Zoology can go hand in hand.


You are so hard working!!!
It needs tremendous courage to go back to school, especially for a person away from college for 10 years.
Hope you enjoy your life in college and win more success on photography.


Congratulations! I wish you every success with your new endeavor. It seems that now you will be working closer than ever with the animal, a great opportunity to combine your Zoology degree and your photography skills!


Best wishes with your new field of endeavour. I'm sure you will find this very rewarding, and possibly even more rewarding than photography...


Thanks :)


I wish you good luck.

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