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Flowers since ancient times has always been a favorite, it's very closely to human life, it is the vehicle for people to express their feelings and desires, the meaning and emotional expression better than words, some flower can be individual drugs, treatment regimen.

flowers can replace people to express feelings and wishes, so it is also known as the gift of human social life first choice, The flower language sometimes give people more than words can express emotions and thoughts.


Native to Mexico, and now all parts of China have distribution, more grown on the side of the road meadows, it often sowing in the spring, because its flowers bigger, long flowering, its often used in flower beds setting.

The flower language of marigold: friendship, health, sweet love, healthy longevity

Chinese rose

Chinese rose is called the central Flower queen, also known as the "every month red", usually in red, pink ,occasionally white and yellow.

Chinese rose, beautiful and elegant, charm prejudiced, four season often open, deeply loved by people

In May 1985, it was named the fifth most famous flower in China.

The flower language of Chinese rose: waiting for hope, happiness, glory, and beauty like new


periwinkle alias: golden flower, four time flowers, every days new, the goose head red, 30 thousand flowers , its have medicinal use

The flower language of periwinkle: happy memories, youth often in, constancy


Forsythia in early spring,first grown leaves, second flowering, the Quietly elegant fragrance of flowers , Golden yellow with whole branches and lovely.

Seoul, the south Korean capital, Forsythia is a city flower.

Flower language of forsythia: magic, psychic sixth sense


clover, also known as the white shaft grass, the alias white three leaves, the Netherlands trefoil.

four leaflets is called "lucky grass".

Adidas, the NBA's Celtic logo is also clover

The flower language of clover: happiness

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July 25, 2017


Flowers are a great subject for photography. Nice ones.

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Photo credits: Xin He.