Playing 3D some!

Hello Guys,

© Mani33
© Mani33
© Mani33
Lately I'm trying to play with some 3D programs but still couldn't settle my mind about any of them as I keep dependent to photoshop for high quality finishing (blurring sharpening, textures & lights)!

So what I do with the other programs is only the shapes in 3D only :D

But recently I was able to do some that I would like to share with you!

Leave you with the recent submissions!

Comments & Critics are more than welcome :)

Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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Thanks Jeniicorv8 :)


Wow, very nicely done, Maen. My favorite is the Imaginary Planet, real imaginative.


Thanks Mat I hope I am doing that! But the work that doesn't go well no body sees also :P :)))


Essalam friend. I like the one with the moon best. but as always you do a good job of what you do.


Thank you all :)
Rangpl I already won the Oscars can't you see the trophy there :))


Well, given the good results you should keep at it!


So Maen.. should we expect AVATAR 2 soooon? :)


Very interesting illustrations!!! I can only do 2D illustrations so far . . .


Thank you Tiziano & Claudio


I know nothing about 3D programs, but the images are excellent!


Uhm..."3D golden trophy" is very interesting, I don't understand "endless fall" but it has very beautiful colors and"imaginary planet" it's nice but it's as cold as the promotional video of "Tekken 3".
Anyway good job :-))))


Thanks Jitka & Joe1971


It's very nice.


Hi, Endless Fall and Imaginary planet are excellent! Really great, I wish you a lot if successes with them! And go on with suich a great work! :-)


Thank you all for your comments! The 3 of them are of completely different subject & nature, but it seems that number 3 is winning this mini assignment :)))


Love the planets, and must agree with Noonie on #2, it makes me dizzy! Well done, cheers!


Well done mani i really like number 1 and 3. Number 2 is to abstract for my taste.


Great new images!I like the imaginary planet very much!So playing 3D were a success for you:)


Great images Maen, especially the 2nd one :)


Thanks Dessie & Katn1999
Susan thank you! Now I know that it worked well :P ....... :)))


Good work, Maen, #2 makes me dizzy!! :O


Number two and three are REALLY impressive. No. 2 is particularly trippy, in a really good way! Very cool! Congrats!!!


I love your new images, Maen! Well done! Especially # 1 and 3 :P

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