Playing With Colors

In everyday life I am very quite and boring person trying not to stand out from the crowds. I'm usually dressed in brown, grey or blue colors. Very rarely I put on some noticeable detail. Someone might conclude that I am a big fan of black and white photography but actually it is quite opposite. I like playing with colors. Strong monochrome colors and complementary colors are my favorite. Each color has a meaning and can be connected to emotions, such as love or joy or to specific areas such as business or environment.


I like nature and very often I use details from nature to show the emotions or create mood. Best time is spring and autumn. In spring everything is in blossom from parks and gardens to orchards and fields and colors are very bright. It is easy to find anything from monochrome colors to complementary colors such as this yellow with violet which was Pantone color of the year 2018.

Two Violet Flowers In Spring

In autumn there comes explosion of strong warm colors.

Yellow Grape In Vineyard In Autumn

Very often I use zoom lens to isolate details.

Landscapes, Cityscapes And Architecture

Autumn is my favorite time for landscapes. Foliage has beautiful strong colors and morning fog gives nice pastel colors:

Birds, Branches In Morning On Lake

To get nice colors that stand out it is good to go out on sunny day. But for cityscapes and architecture artificial light is very useful. Especially in combination with blue hour it gives nice cold-warm colors.

Girl with seagull during blue hour

Colors in architecture can be quite boring. There is lots of gray concrete and blue glass. But this is quite suitable for business photos.

Modern Office Building

Still Life And Backgrounds

When I don't have a time to go for a walk and take photos in nature or when the weather is bad I try to put together still life. This is easy way of implementing colors because you can take any colors you like. All you need is imagination. You don't need rain for rainbow colors but instead you just put together some objects of different colors:

Burning Candles In Rainbow Colors

Colors are very important for holiday photos such as New Year. Still life with colorful Christmas lights bokeh in the background remind us of celebrations:

Christmas Lights

There are traditional colors connected to holidays such as red and Christmas but it is good to follow color trends and incorporate other colors. Color trends are very important at backgrounds. White backgrounds or warm colors of wooden backgrounds were always popular:

Wood Background

Color trends can change quite frequent and designers have to follow them. For example pink is very popular background color. Instead of searching for pink background in nature it's easier to bring some flowers home and put them on pink background:

Spring Flowers On Pink Background

Every year Pantone announces new color of the year and if you don't have idea where to find it you can also make illustration. But for that you need some talent and drawing skills.

Photo credits: Andreja Tominac.

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September 10, 2019


Thank you everybody. I didn't expect I will get such response to this blog. I wrote about my own practices. This is one of basic elements of photography and visual arts in general. There is so much more to dig.

September 09, 2019


Good to see all the use of colours in your pics Andreja, good blog!

September 08, 2019


Great article! I looked at this contest, but struggled to come up with a way to really dig into the subject. You have done well here!

September 03, 2019


These photos are beautiful and the article is interesting. Thank you.

September 02, 2019


Great photos and discussion of colour!

August 30, 2019


Color combinations are too good. nice pics.

August 30, 2019


A great selection of colours in your photos and nice tips on seasonal opportunities.

August 29, 2019


Nice selection of photos...particularly fond of the warm yellows in bunch of grapes photo...well done!

August 28, 2019


Very pretty photos. Great choices for a colorful blog! William 

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