please recomend a Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras

i have some question to all member, and i hope any people that can be help me. this question will be my plans to choose a Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras.

1. Can i submit images that produced by Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras?

2. if i can, what is the camera that i can use it to submit images?

i hopes anybody can recommend a Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras for me, that i can choose.


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Digital Camera

Digital camera

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October 28, 2011

You certainly can use a point and shoot for stock - in outdoor conditions it is usually pretty easy to get quality images from a point a shoot. My advice is in this thread... I shoot with micro four thirds bodies (when not using my Canon 7d), but honestly if you don't go beyond the kit lens you limit the differences between it and a quality P&S with integrated lens (like the Panasonic LX-5 or Olympus ZX1).

The Fuji X10 is very interesting too, but not released yet...


October 28, 2011

Everyone should have a point and shoot, as long as its good enough - see my review of the Lumix LX5.


October 28, 2011

wow. great information Calyx22..

thanks you..


October 28, 2011

My best selling image was captured by a point and shoot. You CAN get usuable images from P&S cameras, but you'd be better off with a DLSR in terms of image quality. That said, there are better point and shoots out there these days. Canon makes good ones, and so does Olympus.


October 28, 2011


thanks for your information Llareggub


October 28, 2011

I do not use a P&S but did read this thread by peanutroaster a couple of days ago :D


October 28, 2011