PMA - so far !

The PMA International Convention and Trade Show is known to attract many visitors from all over the World. Professional photographers, retailers, epurchase organizations, and just about every person related to digital imaging.

In this PMA 2009, I will be disappointed with the Canon announcements, ....and the Fuji ,.......and the Sony ,....etcetc . This has to be the worst case scenario for the PMA organizers themselves --they gave an International Photographic Trade Fair , and it's a "no one came scenario" . Now anyone interested in dslr videography , who doesn't want to spend 4k for the 5dmkll , will simply buy the only other choice . And I can't believe that Nikon or Canon can't make us an aps version of the p6000 or g10 .

And , if Olympus and Panasonic don't deliver something in the micro4/3 department , then this will have been the joke of the year .

Photo credits: , Steve Byland.

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It seems things are quite slow this year, DPR's predictions are almost nonexistent. I see at least one Nikon and one Canon coming (entry-level), there or before, hoping for some micro43 announcement.

DPR mentions "innovation", well, maybe the new action flagships form both Nikon or Canon will show some, but likely for later this year.
Ant thoughts? Any surprises coming IYO?

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