Poetry for the Struggling Microstocker

If we submit images, inevitably we are going to get rejections. From these rejections we learn how to improve and our acceptance ratio over time, should start to increase. However, this process for many of us is a tough one, as there are numerous reasons for our images not to be accepted. For sure we often fail to understand or plainly disagree with why our images are rejected, but the reviewers review images day in, day out and generally know what they're doing, even though it doesn't always seem apparent to us.

Ok that said, here is a poem from the point of view of a completely biased microstocker. Hope you like it. Oh please no comments here about your rejections, they should be addressed to support. Thanks.

Oh why did you reject my photos again?

I gave you my best but you said it was lame

I stayed up all night but my work was in vain

I’m human you know, I can’t take so much pain!

...the rest of the poem is on my blog :-)

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That poem is purely brilliant!


Great material, Komar! How about you make a song out of it?


Lol! Ok I'm going to your blog to read the rest now.


Tan510jomast I think you've missed the point, it wasn't intended to be a rant. As I mentioned in this post, it's a poem from the "point of view of a completely biased microstocker". It's just a joke Tan, I think most people would get the sense of humour.


Oh poor poor Komar, lol.
We all have our fair share of "unjustified" rejections. I don't think there is a contributor who has a 100% AR.
You actually answered your own struggle in your final line... "I'm human you know".
Well, last time I checked, DT still hire human as reviewers.
They might plan for Androids and Transformers to take over the task
in the future, but as far as I know, they are still "human".
But yes, it's a good thing to rant, scream, kick your toilet bowl,etc..
then go back to submit more images.






Aha-ha :) I read the full poetry :)) To say the truth I am thankful for some rejections with DT. To tell more, i stopped upploading to one other agency - why? Because they accept everything, and it makes the whole thing pointless..

I am here for challenge and self-impovement - I ve got less than 20 online, and believe that high acceptance ratio and tonns of downloads will happen when it happens:)

As for myself, i already see major improvement - i don't get several reasons for rejections anymore, it s only one reason most of the time being poor ligtning setup.. We don't have that many sunny days here in russia ...

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