Point Lobos Preserved For Posterity

Point Lobos

Point Lobos is a pristine locale on the Big Sur Coast of California a few minutes south of world-famous Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Point Lobos includes the Point Lobos Natural Reserve as well as two adjoining federally protected marine environments: The Point Lobos State Marine Reserve and Point Lobos State Marine Conservation Area.

If not for the foresight of engineer Alexander Allen, who purchased a large parcel of Point Lobos in 1933, it would have been subdivided and ruined for posterity, as is so much of the Monterey and Carmel region (although there are a lot of beautiful areas that have been preserved).

If you like easy walks and moderate hikes, Point Lobos has many trails for you. Some meander through forested hills; others take you along the spectacular rocky outcroppings that make Point Lobos so famous.

Point Lobos also features a historic whaling museum in a rustic building that was once used by local fishermen.

What attracts countless visitors each year to Point Lobos cannot be seen from its scenic vista points because it is underwater. I can personally attest to the allure of scuba diving in a pristine marine environment; not as a scuba diver myself, but from my wife's own scuba diving at Point Lobos. Point Lobos is renown in the scuba-diving community.

That said, please be aware that Point Lobos' seemingly calm waters have caused the deaths of scuba divers. Always check local conditions before diving.

Point Lobos` Concretions

Point Lobos is a great place to see wildlife, from seals and sea lions to whales and porpoises. And, there are also plenty of birds, including one of my favorites: seagulls!

I also like the concretions (circular depressions) that are created when waves and wind erode the sandstone.

Photo credits: Glenn Franco Simmons.

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Had a look at your beautiful portfolio of pictures. Nice car photos. Looks like you were at Pebble Beach concours, right around the bend from Point Lobos." People don't go there anymore, it's too crowded," as Yogi Berra used to say!
Did the Amelia Island concours a few years back. Now too crowded and the room prices have tripled!


It's often crowded on weekends during good weather, but other times, there are hardly any people there. And, if you go very, very early, you can avoid the crowds even on weekends and leave as they are arriving. Thank you for your comment BarBar760.


Glenn, don't forget to mention that 2 of the world's greatest photographers used their 8 x 10 view cameras to record the wonders of that location. They were Ansel Adams and Edward Weston!
I was there in the 1980s and it wasn't too crowded. How is it now? Probably wall to wall with cell phone snappers.......unless you show up at 5 am.

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