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Point and shoot digital cameras can be wonderfully easy to use. They are relatively inexpensive, depending on the features you require. And they are usually small, making them easily portable. Most models have auto-focus and built in light meters that automatically set themselves for proper exposure. But even as simple as they can be to use there are a few things one must remember to get good images.

Most point and shoot digital cameras no longer have a viewfinder that you look through. The image is only displayed on the camera’s LCD screen. And what is displayed on the LCD screen is rarely what actually ends up on the image. It takes some experimenting to see what ends up in your photos compared to what you see on the screen. I usually take several shots of each subject, holding the camera slightly further away and closer to the subject, in order to have a better chance of getting the image framed the way I really want it.

One of the most important things that I have found is to make sure you have the camera’s macro/landscape button set to the proper setting for the type of picture you are going to take. Having the button on the wrong setting is guaranteed to result in an out of focus or blurry image. It is embarrassing to admit how many photos I have ruined by making this mistake. You would think that after doing it so many times that I would always check first, but alas, I don’t. It happened again just yesterday. All the photos I took turned out to be blurry because I had the button set on macro while taking landscape shots. Hopefully I will remember to check next time.

But the most important thing I have found is this...Always Have Your Camera With You! Recently I happened upon a whitetail deer fawn laying in some tall grass. I was concerned about this at first, but a little research taught me that mother deer actually stay away from their fawns much of the time for the first few weeks of their lives since the mother’s presence might attract predators. So here I was with an opportunity to get a wonderful photo but realized I had forgotten to bring my camera. I hope I have learned my lesson and so far I haven’t forgotten to carry my camera since then.

So you really don’t need to be a professional to get some great photos. Get a nice little point and shoot camera, remember a few simple rules, and carry it with you always. You will be surprised at some of the great images you can make.



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June 23, 2014


That's very good for you and me and everybody! Many years ago I had a DC only. But now, all of my photos which takes in DSLR are from it. So I think the most important things about photography is the shooting but not photos.

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