the point of view

After the arrived of digital cameras everyone gets to take lots of pictures of the subjects and then checks out what's great and worth to be saved and what no,so it's coming difficult to see a nice work at the first shot and all the photographers need to control,fix their pictures;but what doesn't change is the point of view on the subject,you can recognize the work of someone by the way he sees it,even with just a subject to focus on.

The point of view is kind of a sign on a picture and it remarks and differentiates one photographer to the other.

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Also for every photographer that sees a view differently there are also viewers/buyers that have their own vision of what your photograph represents. Isn't life wonderfully varied :0)


So true! And you also have a unique point of view. We can't wait to see more of it.


Yes, if you have 100 photographers at the same event they each will record it different. Even when some of them pick the same vantage point, they pick the exact time the image is captured which will make the image captured different. It only happens once though and if you miss it, you usually can not recreate the exact same shoot.

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