Polar bear shot in Moscow zoo

Stupidity has no limits. I'm sorry about that.

Detailed written here

I'm not sure it was him. But this is one of the two bears that I saw there 2 years ago.

These animals there are very few because the Arctic climate has changed dramatically.

Ice melts and they have to swim for miles in search of a suitable ice floe.

Here's video with him.

Photo credits: Piscari.

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-The representative of the zoo said: - Wrangell feels good eats, drinks. Here is the photo.


Someone should do the same to that despicable "human" and ask him what about his feelings about it.
How would we know of updates about the health of the bear?


That`s so sad! In Romania I sought a news the other day. There was a zoo in a town and the animals were attacked by big rats...and no one cared about it. :(
Hope this thinks will get right some day, and the animals will get all the respect that they deserve!


That's so sad! Unfortunately human beings are the most cruel creatures on the face of this planet!


It is not understandable why do we often like to say that humans which behave with incredible stupidity combined with cruelty are "like animals"..

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