Polarizer filter and blue sky

Sometimes you can forgot a polarizer filter or simply you don't have it. If you have photoshop, you can do beautiful sky difrent methods. I would like show one of them today.

You put picture in photoshop and make copy of this layer. Select this copy layer a select in menu "Apply image".



Channel = Blue

Blending = Vivid Light

and on the end we check off Invert.

Now we select this adjust layer and set Overlay between 20-50%. We can use Filter - Reduce noise, if we need.

Done, that's all. Mayby this will be useful somebody.

Photo credits: Sebikus.

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Very beautiful photos :-)


Thanks for the tip, not being a Photoshop pro I have to decipher your blog a bit... what I tried so far did not work - obviously I'm doing something wrong - but I'll try again as it would definitely be very useful for me!


Thanks for the tip :)


thank you, I will try!


Nice tip, will try it thanks.


It is great technique. But do not forget that as planarization philter as well PhotoShop manipulation can add artificial to the picture. Every thing can be done if the conditions, exposure and focus are right and match each other.


Thank you for the tips :)


Well done photos, and thanks for the tip! Cheers!


Nice photos:)

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