Polish cuisine

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Polish cuisine is a mixture of Slavic other Europe traditions. It is rich in meat, especially pork, cabbage especially in dish called ‘bigos’, and spices, as wall as noodles and dumpling like for example ‘pierogi’.

A tradition lunch, in Poland dinner is usually composed of two or three dishes, a first soup, such as ‘barszcz’ beet or ‘rosół’ broth soup of chicken, after that some vegetable salad with boil potatoes and meat like ‘kotlet schabowy’ breaded pork cutlet and after that dessert some cake maybe ‘makowiec’ poppy seed cake or simple ice creams. We have got such specialties as

‘chłodnik’ a chilled fruit soup,

© Sebcz
‘golonka’ cooked pork knuckles

‘kołduny’ meat dumplings

‘kiszona kapusta’ sour cabbage.

Photo credits: Edyta Linek, Kmitu, Anna Karwowska, Sebastian Czapnik, Vinicius Tupinamba.

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March 02, 2008


mmmmmmm ... ! Love those dumplings!

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