Polish culture of football

Some say that Polish football fans are the most manner less and violent. That is only the one dark part of our football culture.

Every men I know love football, my father, brothers, cousins and friends also some women love this sport and I will say that they behavior is ok. We are supersensitive about this subject – when our team wins we shout, scream, sing and other loud actions, when we lose we in depressed always try to find scapegoat but it is the same in other cultures.

Euro 2012 is the chance for our country and culture to show who we really are. When I heard that we win I was so happy, (everyone where happy and act loudly) know after few months I am defeated. All news, papers and opposition politics say that we will not make it (and everyone looks for some scapegoat) because some old foolishly stuff form history (I will write about it later) but even that I think we will make it. Why, because that who we are. We as a nation always do more at last moment.

I will happy to see you at Euro 2012 football games in Poland.


Photo credits: , Redbaron, Tomislav Zivkovic.

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