Polish phrases

Many figurative phrases in English language are contain animals like

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it will happen when pigs fly which is the way to say that something will never happen or is simply impossible to do.

This inspire me to look for some Polish phrases that have other English represent, and maybe when we Polish people use them all others using English language do not know what we have on mind.

Polish people truly

shed crocodile tears
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sick their heads in the sand
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like ostrich try to avoid dangerous situation.

We can be stubborn as an Ox

but in Poland better use stubborn as a donkey
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We also work like horse

but better do say hard working like an ant’
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and say don’t call the wolf out of the forest instead let sleeping dogs lie .

Got it like a blind chicken got a single grain

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, we said about somebody who achieved something against all odds

and so many others funny and enigmatic. What about your natives? I am very curious.

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