Polish uniqueness animals

Poland, officially the Republic of Poland is a country in Central Europe.

I live in Poland so I would like to present you my country from several different views. For first show you incredible fauna of Poland.

Many species of animals that have died out in other parts of Europe still lives in wild in Poland, such as great, big wisents. Those beautiful animals life in Białowieża Forest, and for some time they are inspiration for beer advertisement in Polish TV.

Other such species include the brown bear,

gray wolf,

moose or


They all live in wild in ancient woodlands that have never been cleared by human.

© Kuba
Unique environment of Poland is perfect for migratory birds that came to Europe for summer.

© _wu_
Also Polish villages are very charming with there ordinary animals like cows, pigs, horses and storks.


Photo credits: _wu_, Adam Gryko, Ziga Camernik, Kuba, Luckynick, Martina Berg, Reinhardt, Ryszard Laskowski.

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