Polite or impolite

My previous article about images looks pretty strange (in my opinion) inspirited me to do some research on stock.

After a while here on DT this stock shows some very good but polite subjects, like business people, nature, abstract texture, background, simple objects.

I find out that it is not necessary so polite because it also shows some sexy women and men in negligee, sad, unhappy, angry, furies persons, catastrophic scenes and bloody objects and some other things that I found by using ‘unparliamentarily keywords’ (don’t know if this phrase exists in other languages but in Poland we use it to describe vulgar language). Will not use them in this article, but they exist in searching engines of DT, I was wondering if this pretty girl with money instead brassiere knows that to describe photo with her as model photographer use such words?

I am not a puritan anyway so this doesn’t bother me at all. It is simple says that DT is open on some other points of views also.

Photo credits: Aleksandr Frolov, Ivan Kmit.

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