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It's now December and if the world of business is anything like my former corporate life, this is the time of year when department heads are asked to "use it or lose it".

Year end budgets are always strange animals in the world of business. Unlike your household budget, where having some money left over is a good thing, in the corporate world, not spending your allocated fund means you get less the following year.

So typically at this time of year various departments are looking for ways to spend unspent funds. Since they know that management will be looking for cuts in next year's budgets, everyone works to pad their budget up so the cuts really don't amount to anything.

Often if one can prepay for outside services, or order supplies for next year ahead of time with unspent budget dollars, wise managers give their departments a bit of a buffer zone for the enviable mid-year cuts.

So why I am I writing this? Because surely there are smart designers out there with unspent budgets who want to get a leg up on next year by stocking up on images now, before their budgets get slashed or excess money gets taken away.

The wise stock buyer would want to get ahead by thinking ahead! Besides, Poppa wants a brand new lens for Christmas and Mrs. Claus still ain't over that vacuum she got for Christmas last year. Who knew appliances aren't romantic? Personally I'd get all rev'd up unwrapping my new lens.

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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December 05, 2011


Good idea - hope you have lots of buyers reading this :).
And hope Mrs. Claus brings you what you want!

December 01, 2011


Ha! That dog house vid is great! Actually I was only joking about the vacuum. I've been pre-warned many times that such a gift wouldn't be appreciated. ;-)

December 01, 2011


You should have watched this before you got her the Vacuum - LOL My favorite part is what they have to eat every day :)

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