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Hey all, just wondering what images you have had most success with? i have 7 images uploaded and have had no sales yet, but i'm interested to see what images are downloaded / sought after the most?


Photo credits: Rebeccaosborn.

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May 01, 2008


I've only sold 1 image (4823895) so far which is of a tree in a field / meadow.

April 30, 2008


Hey, I've been here just for a while but my most viewed file is: 4809982. Though I've uploaded new images and they've been approved just today, and inmediately one of them has been downloaded :) -file: 4800357-. Cheers!

April 30, 2008


Nice shot! Probably the most popular of mine are of venice or places to travel to....haven't sold that many yet though so will keep trying!

April 29, 2008


I'm not sure,too. so I usually get the info by seeing everyone's portfolio,the part "Most popular images" : )

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