Portfolio Diversification

In reading the numerous blogs and message boards offering advice on how to increase sales many of the seasoned Dreamstimers suggest diversification. Often said is try something new, shoot something different, be bold, be creative, invent! So, with that in mind here are my efforts at photographing something new.

I’m no stranger to the game of golf -- after my 10 year try at Registered Nursing (cannot tolerate the smell of blood, sight of it, no problem, but yikes hate the smell. So after figuring out nursing was not my bag I became involved with and later ran a company that produced high quality graphite golf shafts for custom club builders.

My husband and friends all avid golfers happily signed model releases -- my gosh you should hear the bragging at the local pub -- there are bets as to who‘s photo will sell first!

I’ve become acquainted with the marshals and pros at our local courses and with their kind permission have had several marvelously fun days being toured around the courses shooting to my hearts content.

On a personal note, I‘ve always enjoyed the game of golf in the respect of, and referred to it as “Husband Daycare“. Well, seems it can keep a photographer entertained as well.

My favorite photo -- Thrill of Victory, the joy in the spontaneous happy dance on the 18th after sinking a 40 foot putt to clench the round. One would have thought we were at the Masters with the crowds going wild.

Here is my attempt at diversification, shooting something other than bees bugs and butterflies, improving my portfolio and hopefully increasing my sales. Would love to hear what you think. As always your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Photo credits: Marilyn Gould.

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November 23, 2009


Golf images, in my opinion, should do really well. Lots of people out there playing golf.

February 18, 2009


Nice photos. Hope you will increase your sales. To me stock opens a brand new world, and diversification sure is something I have to work on. As in your case, I think hunting photos will eventually make me seek events and places I wouldn`t have sought out otherwise.

February 15, 2009


very true . . . diversification is something i really need to work on. Nice golf shots by the way :)

August 28, 2008


Oh my gosh! Hey, one of the golf shots just sold this morning! Doing a happy dance of my own right now! Thanks everyone

August 28, 2008


Really great shots. You have a really nice portfolio - good work!

August 27, 2008


Wow. Thank you all for your positive comments!

Lifesazoo -- your portfolio inspires me and I was encouraged to try something different based on one of your blogs

Macdaddy -- viewed your illustrations, fabulous! Great Diversification.

Pretend -- you are correct, models they are not, although the banter about signing a "model release" would make one think they've just been signed with the Ford Modeling Agency!

Thank you and cheers to all. Marilyn

August 27, 2008


These are some great golf photos; I bet they will start selling quickly.

August 27, 2008


I think the best thing about you favorite pic, "Thrill of Victory" is that you have real life persons in it, not models; that makes it different from other golf stock pictures out there.

August 27, 2008


I totally agree that adding new things to your portfolio is a good thing because you are opening your self to potentially get new buyers in different subjects that you shoot. I've learned that some times it is a miss when I shoot some thing different but at least I am trying new things. I do not let the miss bother me too much and I just go onto the next thing to try to add to my portfolio.

Your Golfing pictures are fantastic. I agree with you about the winning picture it is fantastic and it just brings a smile to your face cause he is dancing in the background for joy. I also like the picture of just the foot with the grass and tee flying in the air.

Good luck with adding more new photos to your portfolio cause you are a fantastic photographer. :)

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