Portrait and the colour combination of specific figures

Portrait specific figures or color composition, as the object should be to the importance and the size of the area to consider and make arrangements for generally, should be considered in accordance with the following priorities:

1 Clothing: clothing colors are photographed with the skin color coordinated, and the performance of the atmosphere them.

2 Background: Portrait photography, the background must be completely subordinate to the human body and clothing, the best background is read to the audience after it is forgotten the background, or whether Portrait profile, generally speaking, background the intensity of color, the color should be weaker than some clothes, too, when the background color, background colors tend to make or color of skin-color - a strong warm-color, and the tender will Jiao grey colour, appeared to be more " Cold, "a gray, cold-strong color will dark brown skin, is" black "or even" the Green. "

Second, the main -

Subjects 3 / 4 faces, the main light on the side, about a 45 degree angle lighting up the mobile. Lighting, as in the nose to just cast the shadow of the Chunbian. Then lights up slightly left or right movement until the nose, moved to嘴角shadow, and this in a cheek on forming a triangle of light district, if the location of the correct lighting, then this triangle of light zone should be started from the eyes Bigen down-and extends to the local.

From the nose to the lips of the Shadow

Further away from the main light on the face of the triangle light district

Each eye-eyes

Third, support -

Shop-located in the vicinity of the camera, in the main light on the other side of the same height and the camera. Shop-help weaken the role of the light from the shadow form - that is, with enough light to shadow details of the show, but also will not be too bright to shadow completely disappeared, resurfacing adjustment is the result of help-In order to achieve the desired ratio . Can be closer to some of the main light, can also weaken the strength of shop-help, but also can be used astigmatism screen.

Photo credits: Tao Li.

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