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Last week I sold my first PE-L.

© Petin

Nice surprise for me and beside my latest earnings I would not be so pesimistic regarding microstoc future, as I could read recently in some blogs. Of course, the gold time has been probably gone, but further it depends on every photographer - what he / she expects from the cooperation, time he / she can spend with this activity and the ability to do pictures better, more creative, in other words different.

© Petin

At the end of June 2011 I reached my first 100 dollars ( here about my beginnings ). Later than expected, from the other side, I am happy to see, that my higher activity led to some fruits and just now, after a little bit more than 2 months I am standing in front of the 200 dollars level.

© Petin

We are not talking about big money, but I have a good feeling and believe in positive perspective. At the same moment my RPD is always increasing and I can not confirm higher number of subscription sales in comparison with credit sales, again as I could read in some discussions here on DT.

© Petin

My current numbers are:

Pictures on-line: 219

Acceptance ratio: 66,4% ( 81,45 % last 6 months )

RPD: 1,65 ( 1,82 last 6 months )

Monthly uploads:9,52

I wish you good light and lot of sales!

Photo credits: Petr Cihak.

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October 25, 2011



Off topic - sorry to have sounded arrogant. Didn't meant to. I would really appreciate exactly what part of what I posted (or which particular post) came off as arrogant. I value your opinion and I know that I am too close to be objective. It just really annoyed me that I was upset and felt that I had been wronged (maybe just not knowing all the ins and outs of the process) and then to have people be really snotty to me. You weren't one of those people and I would really appreciate your feedback.

On my other site, I receive a lot of horrible comments from people that are obviously teenagers living in their mother's basements just trying to make people's lives miserable. My life is miserable enough. It would have been nice to have just the slightest bit of encouragement that maybe something could be done so that I wouldn't keep getting these silly key word problems.

The person that wrote that her friend is in the hospital really set me off. She is using the illness of a friend to try to make someone else feel badly. My mother just died, my father will die soon from cancer and my best friend will be dead in a year or so from ALS. I had two strokes and actually died from a heart attack in the past few years - I don't need or want lectures from people like that that don't know what my situation is. I thought your comments were extremely fair and I would just appreciate the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

Many thanks! If you can find the time, my email is sbbyland@aol.com


September 09, 2011



September 09, 2011


Hello Petin! Congratulations!^_^

September 08, 2011


Congratulations! and good luck with your sales.

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