Positive thinking.

English country garden Maze

After years of slow sales and perfecting my selection I thought I would try another way. Thinking about sales and how much I enjoy seeing what has sold has increased the speed of my sales, not the amount per picture, I haven't perfected that side of it yet! I don't know how it works, but every time I spend a day or more thinking about lovely sales on this site up they pop. Now, looking at my sales I know you may think, they are low, but everyone has to start somewhere and I was finding sales real slow. This year the speed has picked up. Now to focus on the amount and think hard and positive about a big sale.

Photo credits: Sandyprints.

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This and many more images in your portfolio are excellent. Best wishes for the high speed sales.


Positively attitudes brings a lot of happy things. Best wishes for you..


You are right 100% If you believe in something and concentrate on it chances are that you will do well.
Conversely if you are not focused you may well fail.



Good luck :)

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