Postcard from Ecuador

With stunning part of the Andean landscape, colorful indigenous communities, some pretty decent flight connections, not to mention the stopping off point for the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is one of the essential stops on the South American gringo-trail. Quito is the first (and often last!) stop for many - and is a great place to learn some Spanish, and often a launching pad for the Galapagos Islands. There is however a lot more to Ecuador.

After being in one place for a while in Colombia, it felt like I was just getting going again by the time I got to Ecuador. I almost didn't make it after the wheel literally fell off the bus on the way to the border town of Ipailes in Colombia. With only a short stop for the driver to collect the wheel again, and re-attach it to the bus, I did however get there in one piece. Just part of the normal South-American travel experience!

For more photos and the full story, have a look at my Ecuador page!

Photo credits: , Holger Mette.

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August 03, 2009


Thanks for all the kind comments! I'm in norther Peru at the moment - just back from 3 day trekking to the Laguna de los Condores - Machu Picchu is on the trip ahead, but there are a lot of other things in northern Peru first!

August 01, 2009


Wonderful photos. Next stop: Machu Picchu, is magic!

August 01, 2009


Thanks for sharing your travel in words and pics! Great!
Are you still funding your travels via your stock sales? Next stop?
All the best!

July 31, 2009


I love traveling! It would be great to see Equador. Maybe one day I will go there, but today... thanks a lot for sharing photos!

July 30, 2009


Must be great seeing all these things! Thanks for sharing. Cheers ;)

July 30, 2009


Great pics as always, have fun traveling, wish I were in your shoes :0)

July 30, 2009


Great photos! Thanks for sharing!)

July 30, 2009


stunning images! :)

July 30, 2009


Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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