Poznań - one of the old capitals of Poland

POZNAN, POLAND - APRIL 30, 2017: View of the old town on 30 Apri

The first traces of people in today's Poznań date from around 8900-8000 BC. They were reindeer hunters. Relatively permanent settlements were created at the turn of the 5th and 4th centuries of the current year. Around 2200 BC the Indo-European population appeared in these lands, from the 5th century AD there are traces of settlements undeniably Slavic, while in the eighth century, the Polanie appeared here. From this period, the city of Ostrow Tumski probably originated, which became the beginning of today's city. In the 10th century, the stronghold came under the rule of the Piast dynasty, who made it one of the capital centers in its state.

POZNAN, POLAND - APRIL 30, 2017: Old town square on 30 April 201

POZNAN, POLAND - APRIL 30, 2017: Old town square on 30 April 201

Poznań was one of the capital and religious centers of the Piast dynasty in the 10th and 11th centuries, in the past it served as the seat of Polish rulers. It is one of the oldest located cities in Poland - granting municipal rights in 1253. The city had the right to active participation in the act of electing the king. In the Poznań cathedral there is a symbolic tomb of the first Polish rulers - Mieszko I and Bolesław I Chrobry. On the island of Ostrów Tumski, the seat of the Curia of the Archdiocese of Poznań is located. The capital of Wielkopolska was one of the royal cities of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland.

POZNAN, POLAND - APRIL 30, 2017: Old town square on 30 April 201

POZNAN, POLAND - APRIL 29, 2017: Old town square on 29 April 201

Poznań is in the fourth place in terms of visiting the city in Poland by tourists. Some tourists come here to the world-famous Poznań Fair. Others to see monuments and visit the surrounding nature reserves.

POZNAN, POLAND - APRIL 30, 2017: Bishop Jordan`s Bridge leading

POZNAN, POLAND - APRIL 30, 2017: The gate to Poznan on Ostr�w Tu

Photo credits: Ryszard Stelmachowicz.

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Beautiful Place! Thanks for sharing!

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I love the bright colors of the buildings on the right in the Old Town Square (shot ID 92019825)!

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Wow, what a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing, you have amazing images.

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