The Practical Keyworder - This Week in Ridiculous Stock Photos

I wanted to share a funny feature that I ran across recently called "This Week in Ridiculous Stock Photos". We all know that there are trends in stock photography - well, someone has decided to have some fun with that and the results are pretty hilarious.

How many times have we seen "shocked people in front of computers" - "handsome doctors with crossed arms" or "sad stockbrokers on trading floors"?

And try this one: Businesspeople Doing Yoga

Funny! But what does this have to do with my favorite topic - keywording? Well, there are so many of these photos because they sell very well - they are high concept and, most importantly, they could be FOUND using the keywords that bring those great concepts to light. Looking on our very own site, Dreamstime, I found many other wonderful, well-done images that illustrate similar concepts but lack the proper keywords.

Can you find any? If you do, why don't you suggest some great keywords for them through the keymentoring feature here...meanwhile, have a laugh!

Photo credits: Pressmaster.

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May 02, 2011



May 02, 2011


Some go to extremes in look of the uniqueness and in some sort of way that makes good business practice however it is more fun to achieve spontaneous shots, those are more difficult and probably less commercial...?

May 02, 2011


yes, I have to agree. i've seen shots of a man in tshirt and shorts jumping in the field, with title "business man jumping ".
Another thing I noticed is that even if you get your pix featured on front page or whatever, it does not necessarily mean big sales.
many times, i look at the frontpage featured montage of images, and find tons of viewers but no dl.
i guess if i had to choose between tons of views and little but with more dls, i 'd prefer to see something like views 6 dls 8 , instead of views 3000 dls 20. or worse views 300 dls 0.
good article, btw. keywording is a skill that i am still in process of mastering. you are right, we have better photographers than keyworders.

May 01, 2011


nice image

May 01, 2011


Cool! Thanks for sharing ;)

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