Practical tips to enjoy a prolongued No Housework Day

A day off is usually a day when you feel like doing the cool stuff you never had the chance or time to do. The National No Housework Day, celebrated on April 7th each year, is one of those days when you can take a break, relax and have fun.

But the day after a no housework day can sometimes be like a really bad hangover after a crazy party. You may end up with a lot of cleaning to catch up with. Here's how to spend a great 'No Housework Day' and not worry about the mess you'll have to clean the day after.

1. Pyjamas only day. This way, you'll have less laundry to do and it's the perfect excuse to sloth around the house.

2. Go to an all inclusive spa. They'll take care of everything: relaxation, food, entertainment. Plus, the resulting 'mess' is in someone else's house, no need to concern yourselves about it.

3. Sleep Holiday. Declare this a sleeping day and sleep as much as you can.

4. One day camping trip. No packing, no preparation. Just you, a sandwich you pick up on the way, a blanket/hammock and the sky is the limit.

5. Order in cardboard boxed food. You may need to fold some boxes at the end of the day but the good thing is that there's no dish washing, just recycling.

6. Make plans. Vacation plans are fun but you can now take the time to make all sort of plans and lists. You'll make no mess, except for the mess in your brain.

7. Lie day. Lie on the bed, on the couch, on the grass. Anywhere. Lie down and do nothing.

8. Call in day. It's the perfect day to make visits and catch up with old friends or family.

9. Switch roles. If you're usually doing all the housework, then ask your partner, your kids, your parents, your cat to take charge of all chores today.

10. Pay a housecleaning agency to come and make your house sparkle clean. You can watch or go out and do whatever.

Just be fabulazy and enjoy the National No Housework Day!

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April 08, 2017


Really enjoy this I used to do a do NOTHING day but began to cheat myself allowing something's to slip in ... thanks for the reminder I will definitely share this . God bless you !

April 07, 2017


Had NO IDEA!! Therefore, I have decided to make the holiday tomorrow the 8th so I can get the full day in! Of course, I will end up doing the "cleaning up after everyone" the next day? Well no, because that is Sunday! So, I guess I will just have to kick it..."I don't have to be 'till Monday"!

April 07, 2017


I'm definitely celebrating

April 07, 2017


awesome I almost missed it

April 07, 2017


Is it today? I nearly missed it!

April 07, 2017


I really liked the advice! Thank you!

April 06, 2017


hi miss carmen

April 06, 2017


Me neither. Nice to know now. Great tabby cat... :)

April 06, 2017


I didn't know this day exist!

April 06, 2017


nice tips :)

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