From the Prairie to the Tropis

I was thrilled that one of my photos was used in a blog by Sebastian Feszler, and it prompted me to write one to introduce myself and say HELLO.

I've lived in several countries, and off and on blue water sailboats for the past twenty five years.

For the past three years I have been in Nebraska, getting our

© Djk

girls through college and saving "cruising cookies". My Florida blood makes the midwest weather hard to take and I started submitting to Dreamstime to help me get through the winter, improve my photography, and see if I could get any accepted.

Now, it has become a quest.

I have a number of photos in mind to have in my portfolio, but it will take a while!! I am still learning and need to diversify more.

I have been taking pics since I bought my first, used, Nikon F. (Those of you who can even remember the "F" can figure it out). My husband bought me a D70 which intimidated me for a long time, now I have a D200.

Anyway, I started photographing my daughter's horse.

© Djk
Then others' at her stable. Soon I was asked to shoot horse shows, I got a website, and suddenly, had a small business going.
© Djk

In June, my husband and I will move to the West Indies where we have a sailboat in Trinidad. From there, we hope to complete a circumnavigation which we began twenty years ago.

© Djk

I will have to switch my subjects from horses on the plains to sailboats on the ocean.

© Djk
© Djk

Thanks Dreamstime for all the support and those downloads are going to come in handy for a couple of sailing bums!!

Photo credits: Donna Kilday.

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April 03, 2008


You certainly have had a interesting life so far! How lucky to have a horse to learn on too. They have such power and grace.

I look forward to seeing those West Indies shots! Are you taking your computer on the circumnavigation cruise?

April 02, 2008


Thank you. I was very nervous when I first showed others pics of their horses. Really surprised when they actually bought some!! I am looking forward to the change in scenery. But, I will miss the nice people here, who really supported my photos and always encourage me, and are happy to pose.

April 02, 2008


Oh, my gosh! "...from horses on the plains to sailboats on the ocean." I think I might be able to handle that. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ocean! You have some really nice pictures here.

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