Praise to Illustrations

© Tisi

There have been a lot of articles here in the blog about photographs, but little attention has been given to our illustrators. I may be a photographer, but I LOVE illustrations! Possibly largely do to the fact that I am not a very good drawer, either by hand or with the computer.

The picture above is one I just downloaded with one of my free credits for writing a blog. This picture is absolutely adorable!

I have a friend that I work with who adores penguins. I plan on sending this image to her to use as a desktop background for her work computer.

Photo credits: Tisi.

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August 26, 2007


You are right. Illustrators and photographers should have their own categories. I also recognize that some contributors do both, and they should be allowed to submit to two different categories. Illustrations and photographs are a similar art, but they do have their separate skills.

August 26, 2007


It will be a big bonus if Dreamstime can separate the illustrations works from the assignment their having now and create one for their own category. I'm not a illustrators too but photography and illustrators are two difference kind of work. So why put them together , their should be look and judge in their own perspective. Their hard work are precise too. I myself always have a hard time voting them because of this differences.

August 26, 2007


you give me a great idea for our credits - we can give presents to our friends - and that is - great image, which be according their "taste".

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