On my day by day as a designer! I always get new needs for more & more photos, even with the data base of photos that I already made!

My new client is a school for driving license, and though I had to analyze his needs!

First as usual knowing his likes & preferences!

See what contents he might deliver to me!

The dimension of his business!

Who are his clients!

According to all the above I take the next step of creating a small site as an advertising for the business & try my best to match his liking with mine to get the final layout!

An amateur adult that gives the confidence with his presence! This might make an impact on the parents of those 18-19 years old who want to take their driving license! So was the choice on this image!

Who's the business client?! Mostly young people who want to start their adventures with vehicles! The header was the greatest place to show these smiles with the message in hands!

© Aniram

My client is not yet done from decorating his vehicles, so an urgent alternative was needed! Matching his likes as well! High cylinder vehicles :))

For me as a designer a car & a motor that I can be decorated with what will have in the future!

© Fckncg

Mission is done! All the objectives are well illustrated in the first page!

Thanks DT photographers! :)

Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Aniram, Fckncg, Saša Prudkov, Richard Thomas.

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Thanks Luis!
& Not yet :(
Actually I haven't hear from the owner of the project since long!


nice job as always :) any news from the other website you have some of my photos?..


Yep! always a pleasure to hear from you! Thanks my friend :)


Hi and - let me say I don´t want to miss any blog of my friends of DT :-) Just as I have written to Grabriel - we have a wonderful spring time here and so one can´t resist to be outside as much as possible - esp. for photographing. Then I am back with blogs, but... as I said I don´t want to miss any interesting blog - like yours :-) Have a wonderful time!


Hello Jitka! I missed your comment but here it is nice as usual, thanks :)


Always so interesting to read the blog from a designer... and to see the web "in action" - congratilations, a lot of clients and a lot of inspiration to you!


Hey Altaf! Nice to hear from you :)
Man feel free to give your opinion it even makes my experience stronger as I usually hear the opinion of the others... & honestly I like more the week points than the strong points! :)
As about the green yes it's the client's choice, specially that this time the logo wasn't done by me so I had to agree with him...
About the font also he asked me to make it bigger, so I changed it from Arial 10px to Arial 10pt (I'm sure you know the difference)!
Thanks bro & take care! :)


As usual I'm late to read the blogs in DT, I read when I get a notification about blogs, Sorry for the late comment.

Man you rock, but I have one suggestion, is the green suggested by your client? The site would have been better if you had used the blue gradients in place of green, just a thought. Also the fonts, more crisp font. Bro dont get me wrong, just a suggestion. And thanks for sharing those images.


Thanks for finding my tips useful, I'm happy to have you around :)
You're welcome Jennifer :)


Hey Mani, thanks for the tip, I now know how to insert an image within a comment!


always useful...great article! :)


Very useful.. :)


Thanks my friends, you're simply great! :)
George how are you doing?!


Hey, a great job again!


Useful, useful!


Very nice blog!! Very useful!! ^_^


Thanks my friends! :)


thanks for sharing.Good job...I need to take more photos of my girl learning to drive.


Well done!


Good Maen! Very useful!


Nice job Maen!


Great site and pics! Congrats


The site looks great! Great job :)


Nice site! Thanks for sharing your downloads with us!


I read it! :))) I'm glad you need photos! Keep working and I'll keep uploading. Nice site!


Thanks Serdar & Mariaam :)


Well done, Maen! It looks great!


Nice blog and great job my friend


Thanks guys! :)
@Jennifer just take the L's from [img] code :)
@Thanatonautii it's quiet fun actually but it has it's price like any profession :)


Nicely done work, and nicely written blog :)

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