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Prepare your shot or just drive and enjoy the view

GrebaÅtica, Croatia, coast view

On my way from Split to Šibenik I spotted a breath-taking landscape. Colors and shapes in nature's most vivid form of Mediterranean. One could stop every two seconds and take pictures. However, there are some moment that are hard to explain, but prioritize in our attention as the significant ones and even though we don't quite know the reason, we are ready to stop and admire.

This photo is one of such moments. The whole Adriatic coast is divine, and as you drive along the sea roads there is an endless combination and unification of sea and main land. The accouter of those two is sometimes gentile and soft and even beyond traces, but sometimes is sharp and vivid and shows the nature's indifference. This photo, this image, this sight is for me the combination of both. Gentle touch of the sea, showing it's opened towards sharp and cold edges and in the same time, silence that makes that happen is showing that it is still about solid existence without being notices and even valued. Something just and purely exists and as such it’s valuable and beautiful.

If one specters sea as society and rocks as people, it clearly shows the impact of people around us on ourselves. Touched by their acceptance or ignorance, makes us develop. In all different ways. But in the essence, on the very top of our beings, there is a solid, white (undamaged, untouched) part of uniqueness that makes us precious and valuable. In all different shapes and sharpness, we are the same but different, all trying to live with men and nature around us in harmony.

The powerful message of this image is that the harmony is possible, no matter what the circumstances are.

Photo credits: Nikola Jankovic.

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December 13, 2017


Thank you Tihanast, glad you like it.

December 07, 2017


Nice escape to another dimension 👍

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