Preparing for a move 3300 mile Drive

So me and my GF decided to make a move, A GIANT move from South East Florida to Seattle Washington.

Since we are going to drive and this is a once in a lifetime trip we are looking for some ideas of things that we MUST see, eat at and just check out.

We are having our stuff moved in a pod and driving my car across the country. We plan on going the last week of September '10

If you have any ideas please post them here.

During the trip we will do a photo blog of the trip,

So Please Post Away

Goodbye to the beautiful south florida beaches

Photo credits: EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.

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That is a nice trip! There are so many ways you can drive there.

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I should be able to upload every night since we will have 2 aircards, the trip should be great, just long since its a move not just a holiday we will have the puppy and a bird with us also my gf cant handle my car (way to much power rwd) so im gonna have alot if driving im going to do the photo blog and have already picked up a couple of other cool toys for the drive (new Satnav, Radar Detector, 160 GB hi speed sd cards)

We dont want to make to many deviations off the quickest path since 3300 miles in a car will be rough but we also dont want to miss anything amazing


Wow - what a trip that will be - I can recommend the drive from Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon (using part of Route 66, not particularly scenic but certainly historic and pretty quiet) and on into Utah, which is an amazing state for scenery. Definitely try for the parks in Utah (Zion & Bryce in particular and Highway 9 through Zion). I'm envious...wish it was me! You will have so many photos opps - look forward to seeing your photo blog.


I´m curious about the photo blog! ...Have fun on your trip! :)


That`s a great trip! Have a nice vacation and send us photos :)


Go with the flow. Plan a basic route and follow the signs that seem to peek an interest. Anything that seems to pop out and make you say Hmmmm, that looks interesting. Just a thought. Happy traveling and good luck in your new home.


Depends on what you like to see/do and how much time you have. Landscape photography? Hit the national parks in NM, AZ, and UT. Like mountains? Colorado. Music? Nashville, New Orleans, Branson. Baseball fan? Figure out which cities to hit when games will be playing. Into history? Hit the Civil War battlegrounds.

Seattle is a seaport, lots of cruises going out of there, they are cheap when you don't have to worry about airfare and hotels. Mountains and hiking are near Seattle, too.

Go nuts with the stock photos too on the way!


That is a nice trip! There are so many ways you can drive there. It's tough to give advice. Maybe it would be good if you give us an approximate route; e.g New Orleans, TX, NM, Arizona, Vegas, and up through CA. Or you can drive through Tornado alley going to Mt. Rushmore/Yellowstone, Montana etc....

Let us know.....


Have no idea, but wish you a nice trip! ;)

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