Preparing, Shooting, Publishing! Is that what buyers want?

Hello everybody,

Now I just felt it's more than the right moment to write about this subject even I'm not feeling that well though... I like what I do ;)

No Way

But before I start I just want to remind you that buyers can understand photography as well as the photographers! They just can not do it, or saving time or even it's cheaper to buy it than doing it! At least many are like this!

Any photographer should make some preparations before shooting but what I'm going to talk about are few thoughts about these preparations...

You have to know the psychological status of your model and whether he/she is aware of the shots you are going to do together!

That means it's important to show your model that you are confident of what you're doing and why these shots has to be like this! Try to make the model enjoying it cause it will reflect much in the photography!

In this stage you can know if your model is ready to do the shots you need or not! You can show your model some well done shots about the subject for him/her to be prepared to what is needed to express... (Previous work of your's or of others)

Photographer and model

Model and the make-up artist

Photographer and model outdoor

Some models can not do some certain expressions unless you really make them feel like doing it! For example some model can not show surprised face with out being silly, unless you really surprise them! That sounds a joke but it is true!

A nice words, joke or a compliment can eliminate the Forced Smile that the model might do! Distracting the model with a serious subject could make the face ready for a surprise expression!

My model has a baby face! How can I make an evil out of him/her?! You can start a subject that change the face expressions of your model, turn them more serious! Only after this the angry/sad face can show up! Buyers can see that also!

The ability to act is so important! You might shoot less but with bigger quality of human status & face expressions!

In some cases you have to admit that your model is not good for certain expressions & can be good for others!

In this case take care of these shots only & just in case take some drafts of the others with out wasting much time on what they can not do!

As you have the idea of shooting a model with a mobile for example! Tell your model that means you have to shoot all what people do with a mobile & use for microstock market!! Prepare your model mentally that they have to deal with the object like in daily life!

They receive good news through message/call, bad news through message/call also, they type, they see text which is different in the way of holding the mobile and looking to it!


Buyers like that & some times they check the section of more photos of this model to see if they can find a full series from the same subject! A great feature that DT has!


Wonder - Making a Face.

Natural Woman


In a photo, I only understood that the model is using a mobile because of the title! It was on the other side of the lens & hidden completely by the hair of the model! Don't let that happen in your shots, buyers are not paying for that! Unless the buyer is a fan of that model nothing more!

Shooting is done! But the work didn't finish! Show the photos to the model and ask him/her... Are you satisfied with the results? Were your face expressions looking good in all of them? Choose the best shots together & explain the things so the next session will get better & better!

One thought I have which is: Please don't over react with the empty space in photos! Whether it's a wall or a color or a sky! No body likes to buy a photo to use part of it! I'm not saying that this applies on all kind of photos but at least use your conscience!

I saw photos of a model setting & isolated in white! Half of the photo was empty!

I find it strange that some zoomed part of a photo sells faster than the whole photo beside it! But I understand also that some buyers don't know how to crop a photo! Avoid that unless the zoom makes the difference!

These are the thoughts I have & at least this the way I see it! Have a good shooting ;)

Putting some soap on hands

Washing hands

Washing hands

Drying hands with a towel

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December 28, 2009

i like that i know how to start!


December 21, 2009

Thanks Liu Merry Christmas ;)


December 21, 2009

Very useful article for me.I like your articles and you are a good writer,Merry Christmas!


December 18, 2009

Thank you Paulo... Indeed the communication with the model would tell you much before you choose your model & building the confidence! That is a great point ;)


December 16, 2009

Interesting article Maen, with good points to remember when photographing people. But obviously depends who you use as a model. I just find that with some people a telephoto lens works better ( in a way that the model will not be so self-conscious),at the beginning, with shy individuals for example.


December 12, 2009

Thank you sweetheart29 ;)


December 09, 2009

great points! Thank you


December 07, 2009

Kaththea Thanks for your comment & you are absolutely right. The psychological impact on people can be shown even more on photos specially those on such a special day like wedding :)

Joe1971 you're welcome ;)

Chrisrawlins Good luck! I would like to see that also. :)


December 03, 2009

Thanks Maen, I hope I can persuade some people to be models of mind, so that I can starting putting this sort of advice into practice.


December 03, 2009

thank mine like my photo.


December 03, 2009

Thanks Maen for a useful article, as always! And the pictures you chose for it as usually are very illustrative.
It's really very important to make your model react as you want. A couple of months ago I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding. Being a bridesmaid means assisting in everything to make this day easier for a bride, and photography as well) As usually, photographer wanted to make some photos of bride before ceremony. But she was so tense! And it was clearly seen in the photos! You should have seen how we tried to make her smile! Telling jokes, hopping round the room, parodying our common friends, etc. It was really challenging, but we had a result - genuine happy smile on the relaxed face in the photos!))


December 02, 2009

I think shooting people is one of the most difficult - what we would like him to express may not be what he is comfortable with. Thanks Maen for this useful article, now I have some idea to start..


December 02, 2009

Yep I would like to see the results Fultonsphoto ;)

Oh wow Susan has landed here :))
You are surrounded by adult models Susan! Do I need to get in details?!
OMG don't say yes please :))


December 02, 2009

(Okay, I finally got here to read this...)

Thanks for reminding us of how buyers feel.
I wish I had adult models, but the kids are FUN! I know I need to do more daily living shots and now I'll go make a list of "todo's".


December 02, 2009

Good idea Maen, I will try that and get model release from parents for copies of the photos.


December 02, 2009

Thank you everybody :)
I'm happy to share my thoughts with you! Great community ;)

Fultonsphoto Have you tried to take shot of your boy with a friend of him?! Try that & all his face expressions will be different just the way you want ;)


December 02, 2009

Useful article like always:)Thanks for remind us .I like to read your articles and you are a good writer ,wish you a great day


December 02, 2009

great advices, Maen!


December 02, 2009

great advice once again Maen, thanks for that - will def bookmark this blog to refer back to it :)


December 01, 2009

Good advice thanks Maen. Although I have not done that many studio type portraits I have to thank my son for being my only model (besides weddings) and his tireless efforts to put on facial expressions for me (he is not a fan of being behind the camera - he would and does rather take his own photos). That said, I loved the way he was able to give me this angry face on demand (I decided to add the color to show mood). Hopefully I will be getting into more studio based images of people as I think these images sell very well.

 Angry young child