Pressing Onward

Well, it's been a hard journey the last week or so. Not only was our production crippled trying to work out the trojan virus, but our sales stopped across the board. Maybe it's just this time of the month, I noticed last month a decrease around the first week as well.

For now, we've decided to indeed press forward and keep going. And why not? We have a great new camera now, Olympus E-510, and are enjoying the wonderful images it produces! I've also been poking around with fractals, which will help round out our portfolio. And we have a few models coming in to shoot this weekend. So things seem to be rolling along.

We are also getting over injuries. The weather has been terrible here, and with back injuries and so forth, we've been slow moving. And he broke 2 ribs falling while taking a shot. Broke the ribs, but saved the camera. He's a good man. :D

Our 10mpx pictures are starting to pop up now. Hopefully that will also bring an increase in sales. We can't wait to see what next week will bring!!

Photo credits: Robert Gebbie.

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March 07, 2008


Sorry to hear about the fall, but of course the important thing is he saved the camera! ;) I fell twice while touring Italy in November, and both times managed to save the camera from harm. Also sorry to hear about virus. That really makes things difficult.

Having only had 2 sales myself, I have no perspective at all on volume. But things will get better! Keep pressing on. Probably your model shoot this weekend will be excellent!

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