Printer troubles.........

We do allot of printing photos as we have 8 grandchildren, we do most of their school photos, family, birthdays, Christmas… We have also done many photo shoots for friends.

We use an Epson Stylus Photo R1800, and at first it gave us AMAZING prints. But now almost 18 months later we are having nothing but trouble. At first it was the magenta ink, and now it is either the yellow or the blue or both.

We have wasted enough photo paper and this off brand ink it would have been better to just spent the $$ to buy the Epson cartridges.

So my advice is for best results always buy the brand name ink four your printers.In the long run it saves you $$.

Photo credits: Amoisei, Luchschen, Pål Espen Olsen, Lucian Coman.

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August 20, 2007


I used to buy the refurbished ink cartridges for my Lexmark. While they are indeed cheaper, my risks for getting a leaky cartridge or a worn out cartridge increased. I ran into several cartridges that would give me overflowing ink one day, then barely anything the next day, just to go back to overflowing ink the day after. It was alright for printing text drafts, but images were quickly ruined.

August 20, 2007


I had the same trouble with our old Epson printer, if I bought the cheap ink it would gum up the printer heads quickly. So I definately agree with you that it is better to buy the name brand ink. I just don't understand how ink can cost as much as it does!!

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