Prints In Action!

Some times it's really hard to show the photographer where his/her image(s) has ended!

Just for the newbies I want to explain that not always what buyer download is in use, due to change of plans or any alternatives that might come up! ....

Many members are searching the web with hope of finding their images in use (I'm one of them by the way), but mostly it's like mission impossible!

Here I would like to show you some images in use as a print!.

© Steba

It was a bit hard to find the place clean! When the graphic company had finished the decoration, the place was still with some construction work! I wouldn't ask them to clean up just to take a good shot as you might understand! I took those photos that I consider better than nothing! :))

The first one has ended in a frame in a restaurant where I go sometimes!

The Second & third images has ended up as a wallpaper giving deep dimension to the place!

Hope you like them, and of course, I would try my best to share you these print use, within the possible!

Have a nice weekend! ;)

Photo credits: Barbara Helgason, Nilanjan Bhattacharya, Stefan Baum.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks :)


Thanks for your words and for the advice!


The wallpaper must be looking great.


Thanks Kaththea, they really fit well there :)


These pictures are really great - wonderful adornment!


Thanks Claudio & Susan ;)


Beatiful images!


They look great and it's nice to see them.


Thanks Altaf! Hoping one day somebody could share me my images in use also :)


great blog and nice of you to share them.


Yep, the objective was to put dark images that matches the colors of the walls & floor & giving deep space to the place! ;)

Thanks all for your comments :)


These images are like a paints. I can imagine they look fantastic on the wall


These images look great on the wall Maen! It's good to see another use for them. Sometimes it's a bit disheartening when you can't find any in use online but this is a great use, if untraceable :)


Great article, Maen!


Thanks guys! :)


They seem great on the walls! Keep posting the images in use!


Great advices. Lovely pics.


That's great Maen!Thank you for advices also!Those photos are great and lucky indeed:)


Very good advices, Maen! Have a nice weekend too!


Actually choosing the right image on the right place is not that easy as it might look! Some details might ruin up the whole plan for an image & make us choose another!
Thanks Mariaam :)


Wow! That´s cool, Maen! Thanks for sharing! The still life image is amazing!

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