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Hello, guys! I'm Hurricanehank and I have been shooting events since 2007. My portfolio consist of hundreds of World famous musicians, athletes & people who put their name in modern history.

What is the most important in reportage photography? Theres are many things that make your work stand out and please the client, but today I want to talk about flow

Every event has it's flow. Go with the flow or create your own flow during the photoshoot. This means that when I arrive on set I analyze the speed of how things happen. If you come for a wedding and people are excited running around, laughing and having fun you need to catch their flow, so you won't be slow for shooting them. On the other hand if you arrive at some event and everybody is relaxed, and having a good conversation don't be that annoying person who drives all the attention and break the atmosphere - catch the flow.

When you come on set and see that it is full of "dead" people you need to create the flow. If they are all boring and nothing is really happening make things happen. I ussually strat with friendly chat and in the process I direct people to pose, to do something. It doesn't mean that I am paid for being master of ceremonies, but I want my images to look good and to leave good impression for my clients. This mostly relates to small events where people stay closer. It would be odd to break those conversations between rich people in tuxedos with your jokes.

DMX peforming in Moscow, Russia

Hope this advices for eventcontest will help you in your hunt.

Photo credits: Hurricanehank.

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April 11, 2019


Agree @Hurricanehank, relating your tip - Go with the flow is a stress-free way to do event photography

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