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Hello, guys! I'm Hurricanehank and I have been shooting events since 2007. My portfolio consist of hundreds of World famous musicians, athletes & people who put their name in modern history.

What is the most important in reportage photography? Theres are many things that make your work stand out and please the client, but today I want to talk about three preparation

At one point you might feel that you don't actually need to make some special preparation before the tomorrow photoshoot. It's like packing your backpack for school - "I'll do it in the morning'. The most important in preparation is analysis of your tasks for the photoshoot. In most cases you can have your work done with any camera, but it means that your results gonna be average.

For example if I need to "shoot little corporate event with 20 guests in an office". That's how ussually you brief looks like from a client. Clients don't really pay attention to details and you need to ask questions so that you can prepare proper setup for the project. Keeping in mind that I need to shoot "20 people" in "office" I will check that I have:

- Camera working. This means that I simply do the test shot. Over 12 years I haven't had an issue with this, but taking a test shot at home means that you understand that your cameras settings work as ussual. Sometimes on a photoshoot I make changes in settings like mirror lockup, manual focus on lens etc and on set it can be a surprise;

- Camera batteries charged. Always charged 100%, always have extra battery & charger;

- Both flash cards formated and put in camera + spare flash cards. If it happens that you need to work overtime or simply shoot more material the last thing you want to do is to delete noneeded files between taking pictures;

- Flash with fully charged batteries. Depending on the lighting and ceiling height on set you might need to double your flash power. While I always bounce my flashes light from walls and ceiling it means that sometimes I shoot at full flash power and even the most powerful batteries will drain fast. Be sure that you are using rechargable batteries, not the cheap disposable ones because they simply work longer and don't overheat;

- Second flash with fully charged batteries. This is pretty useful when you need to shoot big spaces and when the main flash dicharges. I often take second flash and put it in optical slave mode that means that my main on camera flash will do me the most part of the work and the spare flash will fire from a distance producing me beautiful backlight.

Hope this advices for eventcontest will help you in your hunt.

Summer music festival crowd partying outdoor

Photo credits: Hurricanehank.

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