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Hello, guys! I'm Hurricanehank and I have been shooting events since 2007. My portfolio consist of hundreds of World famous musicians, athletes & people who put their name in modern history.

What is the most important in reportage photography? Theres are many things that make your work stand out and please the client, but today I want to talk about speed

We live in era of mobile photography. Everybody is a photographer today. I have seen many times that people on set don't take professional photographers seriously. They simply gather in groups for selfies and be sure that this people will post their crappy, blurry, diagonal centered snapshots the same day. You need to win here in quality compromising speed. I mean that what is important in event and reportage photography is that it is connected to some special event that is valuable for people. Be sure that every event has highest level of interest in only short period of time. Today everything happens fast in our lives, so when you have attended friend's party and had a great time you will want to talk about it and share images in only a couple of days before your everyday life tasks will drive your attention away. It is what it is, just get used to it.

How can you win here as a professional? Simply work fast.

I understand that after hours and hours of working you ass off with heavy camera in hands when you come home in the evening (or in the morning if you are lucky to have that much paid overtime) all you want to do is take a shower, eat some food and relax. This happens in that time when people, who were present on your event, will be sharing images with friends and talking about this spectacular day. Dig it? Sometimes when I come home from shooting big concert of World's famous musician I don't even eat before my images are online. This looks like self-torture sometimes, but I sacrifice personal comfort for professional achievements. Sorry for that. So what I'm trying to say is think from client's side. Keep in mind that people need to have your images ready before they lose interest.

Travis Scott performing in Moscow

Hope this advices for eventcontest will help you in your hunt.

Photo credits: Hurricanehank.

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April 11, 2019


Yep, been there. Sometimes having a Muesli bar or two at the back pocket comes in handy. Eat while you shoot :-)

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