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This may be a strange question, but I am going to ask it anyway. :)

Since our profile picture isn't anything someone can download (right-clicking options set aside), am I assuming correctly that we can use an image of ourselves that someone else took?

I ask because I haven't taken very many pictures of myself, nor do I really have that many of myself anyway. I'm almost always the one behind the camera. :) But, I have recently been given some recent, and surprisingly good, photographs of myself.

Photo credits: Kirsty Pargeter.

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I just used a window as a mirror for mine...


Your finr you both look great


My photo was taken by one of my dear colleagues, constantine or - costa007 as user - one sunny day in the Dreamstime office kitchen. Anyway, I have seen images of my colleagues takne by themselves and again, they were quite good. I even have friends who photograph nothing but themselves :)) although I keep telling them Narciss had a terrible fate.


Great pic! Nice to see you, you two sweethearts! :)


Well, on icyimage's portfolio is picture of his wife - me. :)


I'm using just a snapshot taken by a friend. I just like it because it actually has me photographing something whereas usually I'm the one behind the camera instead of with it.


My fiance took my profile pic, so i believe you can use any picture you want as long as it's ok with the creator (No I don't mean God!!!)

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