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I thought I would share an update with everybody on how my year and a half with being on Dreamstime is going.

It has been a tough year and a half and I can report that I'm still here. I didn't quit like I wanted to back when I first started and I only had 3 of my initial 14 images approved or the many more rejections that followed. However despite that I kept learning and uploading.

Now on to my progress for the last 18 months. I received my first sale after about a month after my sign up. I then started getting consistent sales a few months after that. It took me 10 months (Feb. 2012) to get my first payout. It was 8 months after that (Oct. 2013) that I reached the $200 mark.

Overall I would say that I'm doing just ok. I still have lots to improve upon like my terrible approval rating, and my upload rate. I don't think 95 online images in 18 months is that great.

I admit to having as some people would call "crap" images in my portfolio, and I'm trying to replace some of them, but I believe that some of the others are a hopeless cause.

I'm hoping that my future on Dreamstime is one of growth and learning.

I thank you for reading, and please any comments on how you think I'm doing or any ways to improve would be appreciated.

Thanks again for reading my update.

Photo credits: , Positiveflash.

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October 21, 2013


Personally, I donlt believe there is such a thing as a crap image. CRAPPY, as in under or overexposed, out of focus badly fromed, YES!. Crap, as in odd or not not need images? No. Look around as see what is being down loaded. We never know what the buyers are looking for. How would you feel if that one CRAP image your deleted was the one that a buyer was willing to pay a lot for. Keep the quality of the images up and the sales will be there.

October 21, 2013


Great lightnings! Be patient and keep on uploading :-)

October 18, 2013


Your images are great, just bee objective, keep improving, and do what you love most! Youll see the results in your images (like the ones you are sharing)!!!

October 18, 2013


Thanks everybody!!

Storm photography is a passion of mine and I'm always trying to get better at it. I have learned quite a lot being on DT as competition will always force you to improve. I'm looking forward to next years storm season to apply what I have learned this year. So wish me luck.

I have been trying to diversify my portfolio by taking pictures of other things and getting out of my comfort zone, and this is where I need the most help as I'm not very good at it.

October 17, 2013


Great images! Lightning the most beautiful we've seen!Congrats and thank you for sharing!

October 16, 2013


Your photos on lightning was great! Although your online image is not much, but you get good results! Congratulations!

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