Project @Home

As a landscape and travel photographer, I often dream of traveling to exotic places like Hokkaido, Japan and Sichuan, China.

However, personal circumstances depicted that I had to be grounded for close to 12 months, and so instead of moping around, I decided to start "Project @Home".

Following on the wisdom on how it is still possible to find photographic gems in close proximity to where one stays, I started with the prosaic road shot as a warm up.

This solitary commuter bus amidst the tree line, blue sky and apartment blocks caught my eye too.

The nearby and recently opened Punggol Waterway accorded more opportunities.

The Kelong bridge at the waterway intrigued me.

And there was no way I was going to miss the obligatory sunset / twilight shot.

It was only fair that I gave the other bridges some attention. And so I did, to the Sunrise bridge.

And finally, the Bridge to the Lorong Halus wetlands. I love diagonals!

Walking home and two minutes away from my apartment. it was impossible to miss this.

And who said playgrounds should only be for kids?

And so the lesson learnt is that regardless where you are, great images are to be found. And more importantly, you have FUN while searching.

Please share your "@Home" images!

Photo credits: Tangjans.

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Thank you, Enrique and Laura, for your kind comments!


I really like your images! Good luck with sales!


You have amazing images, you have a great eye for architecture.

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