Promenade Beach, Pondicherry, India...

Promenade beach, also known as Pondicherry beach, is one of favorite places among residents and tourists in Pondicherry, India. As the name suggests, it is more than 1 km long stretch of beachfront along the Bay of Bengal.

At the beach, the sun rises above the sea; colorful sky and its reflection in the waters create stunning pictures at dawn.

Sky Before Sunrise at a Beach

When I was there, I had a "golden" opportunity to capture the golden sun with its bright aura at an early morning...

Golden Sunrise over Infinite Ocean

An evening at the beach, especially on weekends, is known for stalls of street food, shell souvenirs, and miscellaneous items.

Mobile stalls along sandy beach in Pondicherry,

The beach is rocky - sea waves crashing over the rocks do not allow eyes to move away from continuously changing patterns of splashing water droplets...

Shower of Water Droplets due to Sea Waves Crashing on Rocks

Photo credits: Byelikova, Parin Parmar.

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July 31, 2019


Nicely photographed and described!

January 29, 2017


Thank you very much Shahmeiraj198139, Steveacer, and Joe1971!!! :) Looking positively for sales... :):)

January 29, 2017


Beautiful Photo!

January 29, 2017


Very nice images!

January 28, 2017


Beautiful pics

January 27, 2017


Thank you Generalul2015.. :)

January 27, 2017


nice pictures :)

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