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Here is what was accepted as my first image.

My story is still going on and I have promised myself to make it a successful venture in microstock markets.

Well, I was a crappy writer before coming to microstock market. Give and take the bad times or good times, I was making $1200 per month. My life was torn between the day job and the writing assignments. I was sleeping for 4 hours and sometimes even on outdoor trips, i was working till 4 AM. Life was total mess. There was no time for anything else. Then, I thought of changing tracks. I bought a basic DSLR and began to experiment with it. I started with the agencies which do not have very easy process. For initial 2 months, I was depressed and nothing was working. Then I decided to change and divide my work among the other agencies. I learnt some advanced techniques and improved my workflow. Now things are looking better. Though good sale numbers are still dream for me. I am looking up with right numbers and never ending spirit to try it better. I stand with 102 images on DT and 700 on others in common. I am going ahead with concepts. Yes, I research well my subjects and think through on shooting them with best possible props. I have some limitations and other constraints. I am trying my best with-in my boundaries.

Sold this one.

And my most ambitious image which I shot with lot of passion and thought process.

Photo credits: Promicrostockraw.

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