Promote your pictures on tsu

Promote your pictures on tsu. Tsu is a new social network which pays you for your posts.

Not too different in looks and functionality than many other social networks.

However the network will share 90% of its revenue with its users.

Sign up go to your portfolio click on any of your pictures then copy the referral link in to the create window on your tsu site . Your picture will show and anybody who clicks on it ends up on your dreamstime site.

Visitors parked at the badlands

Photo credits: Bounder32h.
  • Bounder32h

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April 03, 2015

I'm on Tsu since one month and got already 4200 friends and 1900 followers :)
I make $0.30-$0.60/day and growing !
The UI is clear, easy to find friends and connect, and it seems like they've taken the best of Facebook and Twitter to create the next generation of social media.

Each of my post get 80-150 views (much better than on Twitter and Facebook)
If you own a website, Tsu is very good for our SEO because google can index our post (there's no rel=”nofollow” in HTML)
It is "invitation only", so If you want to get in, feel free to use this link:

Once registered, I will teach you how to use Tsu as a mentor :)


November 10, 2014

I just joined thanks to Bounder and my curiosity, no experience yet :)


November 10, 2014

Sounds interresting!

Are any more people hero DT with experience on tsu?


November 09, 2014

Thanks! Trying out something new should be great! :o)