Promoting Others, Not Just Yourself

I was raised to love my neighbor as myself. I think of my fellow photographers on Dreamstime here as my neighbors. One of the ways I try to show love to my neighbors here on Dreamstime is to help promote their pictures.

I have a Twitter account that is set up just for my business. Twitter can be fun because it's kind of neat to see what is trending on any given day. Then I do a search on my portfolio to see if I have a picture that might go with what is trending. If I do, then I will post that picture with the hashtag of whatever is trending.

For example, on April 11th, it was National Pet Day and that was trending on Twitter. A simple search on my portfolio brought up my old cat.

Tabby Cat

However on April 12th, it was National Grilled Cheese Day and I didn't have a picture of that in my portfolio. So, I found a picture of someone who did. Then I tweeted their picture as a referral.

Tomato soup and basil

From practicing this simple gesture of promoting others pictures, I have been able to get 13 referred members, and we do make some money every time a referred member buys something even if it's not one of our pictures. So, by helping out other photographers, sometimes the blessing will come back to you.

If you are on social media and you know there are people looking for pictures that you don't have yourself, refer them to another photographer on Dreamstime who has just what they're looking for. It generates more business for Dreamstime, which will reap bigger benefits for you in the long run.

Another tool I like to use is the National Days List National Days List

This helps me see what will most likely be trending coming up. It's a fun way to help others. I think that if every photographer did something to promote others work right along with their own, we would all see increased sales. It's always fun for me when I post a picture on Twitter and then within the next few minutes to see that it sold. It shows me that it does work. A lot of my referrals come from Pinterest, so it works over there too.

Also, including other photographers works in your collections helps to promote them as well.

I have read so many articles on the web that use this biggest seller of mine. Fortunately, it's a gardening picture, so the articles appeal to me very much. I have learned so much.

Vegetable Garden

I found this article recently How to Create A Food Forest During The Winter

It's fun for me to run across how my pictures are being used. It's a whole new learning experience to read the articles that go with my pictures.

I love working for Dreamstime. I love knowing that my pictures bless others and I love helping my fellow photographers by promoting their pictures as well. It's my way of loving my neighbors.

Photo credits: Georgii Dolgykh, Rhbabiak13.

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Nice Idea this way we can help each other


Good idea,nice. It would be easier for newcomers to make sales. I do believe that the Dreamstime community is able to do that.


I love your ideas! What is your Twitter account? I'd love to follow you, and to follow your suggestions. (I'm @SandraFoyt on Twitter.)


I love your ideas! What is your Twitter account? I'd love to follow you, and to follow your suggestions. (I'm @SandraFoyt on Twitter.)


I think that sharing is caring. Through the help of eachother we can grow and learn.


Great idea :) you are nice!


Thanks for sharing. I think you are very nice person and I agree with you.


You sound like a very nice neighbor.


Very good approach Rhbabiak13.. I agree with you... In community like DT, it's a great fun to promote others also... By appreciating others' works, we also learn...:)

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