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I am new to DT and am pleasantly surprised to see that DT has in place a system for unauthorized usage. This begs the question of how and when to promote your own stock photography on other venues - particularly FaceBook, Twitter and other social networking.

If you own a blog you can promote your link to your stock photography portfolio in many different ways. So too with social networking - and this is perhaps the 'safest' way to do so.

The biggest challenge with FB and other social networking sites is that when users comment, upload or post anything onto the site, the user must be aware of the small print on the site's policy page.

Once uploaded...FB can own almost all usage rights to the photo, post or comment and can use them without buying the photo usage rights. They can use the photo in any way they please. The best course of action, should the artist decide to upload art, photos or written content onto social networking sites is to ensure that the copyright information is stated right on the photo by watermarking.

Even so, it is good practice to assume that the photo, artwork and/or written works WILL be 'borrowed' by FB and other users on FB.

Armed with this information we can then proceed and plan accordingly and will not be blindsided with any 'borrowing' that takes place. Because in the world of social networking, 'borrowing' is not only condoned but is encouraged. Make this work FOR you rather than being faced with frustration at unauthorized useage.

Photo credits: Deidre Lin.

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December 18, 2012


Exactly @ Peanutroaster but many try to promote as a business then are upset when the images are 'borrowed' by general FB users. My comments were aimed at the situation where the person is posting as a business entity :)

December 18, 2012


Telling Grandma about your DT sale on FB certainly won't do much to add to sales. ;-)

December 16, 2012


FB does not help anything to sell photos on DT!Trust me!Only views!Not even a picture I failed to sell using FB!This is the truth!Thanks for sharing!

December 16, 2012


Great blog! I find less and less people are using facebook and more and more are using twitter. I think one of the biggest ways to promote yourself is by helping others with blogs such as these. By poviding information you pique peopel's intrest and it kind of works as a ripple effect. Blogging is also very helpful...

December 16, 2012


I believe you have to promote your stock portfolio to the right sites that people usually gather or go to when looking for stock photos for their work.

December 16, 2012


Interesting blog! Thank for sharing with us.

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