Promotion hard work

Sorry, a little trick there... :)

I've been away from DT in the last week - there was a new step in my life, I've learned how hard is tiling...especially with big, hard, and rustic tiles.

Only the first two days I had enough time and possibilities to take some shots about equipments, objects and preparation - I hope these will also useful for some building-trade companies... :)

And, of course, when I'll have time enough, I'd like to share you some opinions about object photographing without lightbox and some interesting facts about newly renovated bridge of Budapest.

Keep up the good work, and have a great week! :)

Photo credits: Aginger.

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Quite innovative aginger


Thank you! :) I'm afraid a more sad post is coming now - for me, of course. Check it a few minutes later :)


Nice waiting for the facts! Good luck with them.
Cheers :)

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